Big Foot 14ft Trampoline + Safety Enclosure

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The new Big Foot range for 2016 provide an excellent balance between safety, durability and comfort.

The trampoline safety net is designed for optimal strength and durability, the net has a self-closing entrance and is quick and easy to assemble.

Big Foot trampolines are subjected to extensive testing and have passed the tests of independent European testing institutes such as TÜV. The springs are attached to the jumping mat by triangular eyes that are stitched 8 times. This makes the trampoline solid, safe and longer lasting.


Constructed with 2mm galvanised top frame. The HOT galvanisation process ensures that the trampoline frame sections are galvanised inside and out, the better for garden and outdoor use (unlike most other more cheap galvanised frames that are only galvanised on the exterior of the frame).


96 Galvanised and Zinc plated 200mm Max Bounce springs. This is the optimum number of springs required to give the maximum bounce for the average user weight.

Bounce Mat

Made in the USA and manufactured from Grade A Permatron. Permatron is a unique material that can be left outside in a garden all year round and gives an excellent cushioned bounce. The V rings used to attach the jump mat to the frame are secured with an eight row stitch for extreme durability.

Safety Padding

Safety padding uses a special shock absorbing closed cell polyethylene to provide protection from the trampoline frame and springs. There is an extra thick layer of padding around the edge to provide added protection from the hard steel frame of the trampoline.

Safety Enclosure

The safety enclosure is the most effective safety feature you can get for a trampoline and the Air League 16ft trampoline's enclosure has been designed for optimal strength and durability but is still extremely easy to assemble. The mesh of the safety net is made from super strong and flexible Terylene thread and the intelligent design utilises cleverly angled poles to minimise the risk of accidents involving the upright posts. Combining this with the vertically running net and this really is an extremely well thought out and safe enclosure. Featuring a large L shaped zipped entrance which we have found to offer the best compromise of easy entry and security. The enclosure poles have foam impact padding fitted to protect users and are covered with a pvc sleeve to protect this important safety feature from the elements. The trampoline enclosure poles click together easily but due to the clever design remain in place even when faced with an out of control jumper to catch. The enclosure net is securely tied to the jump mat to keep users safely inside the trampoline and also drastically reduces the chances of accidentally landing on the spring padding. The fibre glass poles that run around the top of the enclosure ensure there is no sagging of the top of the net and help the net to run vertically down to the edge of the jump mat.

Quality Standard

GS/TUV certification comes as standard on this trampoline.


14ft Diameter, 38 Inch Height.

Max User Weight

24 stone


Simple construction is required using the instruction manual for guidance. All tools and fixings required are included with the trampoline package.