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Is your trampoline going to be used mainly by children? If so then you really shouldnt be buying something in a higher spec, Big Air Bounce is the answer!

We know that it may be comforting to have a heavy duty, highly sprung piece of kit. However, this does not necessarily mean itís going to be the most suitable for you and your needs.

Big Air Bounce trampolines are still perfectly safe for adults to use but the springs have been set up to cater for the lighter users. This means the little ones will still get peak performance, but the trampoline may perform a little under maximum bounce for larger adults.

Our design brief for this trampoline was to build a trampoline suitable for all to use, but to perform best for our lighter, littler customers. Whereby you can have full confidence that you and your children are safe, but also know you are not having to pay extra for specifications you donít need.

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