FAQ - Choosing a Trampoline

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Our Buyer's Guide Choosing a Trampoline Use and Safety Why Buy From Us Delivery and Assembly Warranty and Caring For Your Trampoline
What to look for in a trampoline? (Click a question to jump to the answer)
1. What range should I choose from?
We have 3 ranges available- all with different users in mind. These are the:
  • Big Air Bounce - For kids and lighter jumpers
  • Big Air Super Bounce - For the whole family, big and small
  • Big Air Extreme Bounce - For an ultimate experience

Big Air Extreme Bounce - Caution! These trampolines are not for the faint hearted. Loaded with more excitement than you can shake a stick at, Big Air Extreme Bounce trampolines know how to make you bounce like never before. Sturdy, durable and packed full of strength with its 1.5mm thick frame. Big Air Extreme trampolines have enhanced springs with greater resilience, this means they have a quicker recoil speed with less energy loss - resulting in more bounce! As well as this they will maintain elasticity and perform as new for longer. This allows confident users to go higher and will help you master optimum control; allowing users to achieve a bouncing experience like no other!

The Extreme Bounces have really set the bar for affordable, big bouncing and super reactive trampolines. Ideal for confident beginners and users who have mastered balance and are looking for something extra, or for a trampoline that's going to get serious adult usage and needs to be super durable. In short, if you’re looking for that ‘extra spice’ and want to get that ultimate bounce, Big Air Extreme Bounce will live up to its name!

Big Air Super Bounce - This range isn’t just for kids, it’s for the whole family! Parents, teenagers and children alike can enjoy the Big Air Super Bounce experience. Suitable for large families, small families, young children and old, you really can’t go wrong choosing a Big Air Super Bounce as it’s perfect for everyone.

Made with a strong 1.5mm HOT galvanised steel frame, this range offers a fun filled bouncing bonanza for the whole family to use. . Designed to incorporate the strength to comfortably hold adults, but to not compromise on the spring reaction for the kids, all in all Big Air Super Bounce trampolines will meet almost everyone’s needs and you’ll be bouncing for hours.

Safe, solid and suitable, Big Air Super Bounce will not let you down.

Big Air Bounce - Is your trampoline going to be used mainly by children? If so then you really shouldnt be buying something in a higher spec, Big Air Bounce is the answer!

We know that it may be comforting to have a heavy duty, highly sprung piece of kit. However, this does not necessarily mean it’s going to be the most suitable for you and your needs.

Big Air Bounce trampolines are still perfectly safe for adults to use but the springs have been set up to cater for the lighter users. This means the little ones will still get peak performance, but the trampoline may perform a little under maximum bounce for larger adults.

Our design brief for this trampoline was to build a trampoline suitable for all to use, but to perform best for our lighter, littler customers. Whereby you can have full confidence that you and your children are safe, but also know you are not having to pay extra for specifications you don’t need.

2. Does size matter?

Essentially size is important when choosing your trampoline. For the safest use, it is highly recomended only one person on at a time - if this is followed then you will need only the smaller sizes.

If you are concerned more than one child may sneak onto the trampoine, our advice is try to make sure that the maximum user weight is adhered to and remember; the bigger the trampoline, the safer it is as it has more surface area to bounce and land on. With this in mind, we suggest getting the biggest size you are comfortable with.

3. Does shape make a difference?

Yes- but only for the purpose of the trampoline. Traditionally trampolines have been rectangular- not because they are necessarily better but because they were used by gymnasts and high divers. They offer a quicker and more powerful response in the very centre of the jump mat because the springs have a different reaction rate at the corners.

Round trampolines were designed more for recreational use, with more bounce area and safer: if you bounce on the edges, it will naturally guide the user back nearer the centre. Both types are great to use, you just need to choose what is best for you, by what you will be using it predominantly for.

4. What difference does frame thickness make?

Frame thickness on any trampoline is an indication not just on quality, but also strength of the trampoline. On our site, it’s simple- the thicker the frame, the higher the maximum user weight and therefore strength.

5. What accessories are available?
A full range of spares and accessories are available, if its not for sale on the website then give us a call!
6. Are these home use only or for clubs?

Our trampolines are designed to be used by families and friends. We do not market them for commercial or professional use - not necessarily because they are unsuitable, but because this is our chosen market. We would advise anyone looking to use these in a club, to find out the legal requirements and specification before making a choice.

7. Are these suitable for big families?

Yes. These trampolines are all designed to be used by the whole family. Please remember to not exceed the maximum user weight.

8. Are your trampolines as good as the other well known brands?

Big Air trampolines are fantastic. They offer all you need to get the most enjoyment from them and the quality is next to none. In our opinion, after comparing what we sell to others on the market, no other company matches up. If you find a better deal please let us know and we should be able to match it.

9. How do I know my children won’t get bored of using it like other toys?

We would not be in business if that was the case! After only a few bounces your body will want to carry on- it’s inbuilt! That ‘falling’ sensation when you start coming back down from a jump gives your body a feeling of euphoria and this alone makes people want to keep on bouncing! That feeling, mixed with a child’s imagination is a winning combination and will keep them amused for hours!

10. What is included in the price?

Our prices include VAT and delivery so whatever you select, the price advertised is the price you pay. There are no hidden charges to shock you at checkout, what you see is what you get.

11. What warranty do you offer with them?

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about warranty and what is fair to offer. Due to the nature of trampolining, with constant contact and the variables involved to keep them in good condition, we offer 12 months on all non frame parts. Although it is rare for any parts to fail within this period, from experience, the times it has happened has been through wear an tear from inappropriate use. We do not feel that under these circumstances, it should be a warranty issue and our responsibility to replace without charge. The frames on all our trampolines have a 5 year warranty against rust. For full details, see terms and conditions located on the home page.

Our Buyer's Guide Choosing a Trampoline Use and Safety Why Buy From Us Delivery and Assembly Warranty and Caring For Your Trampoline