FAQ - Delivery and Assembly

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Our Buyer's Guide Choosing a Trampoline Use and Safety Why Buy From Us Delivery and Assembly Warranty and Caring For Your Trampoline
Delivery and assembly (Click a question to jump to the answer)
1.  How quickly can I receive this after ordering?

For items ordered on a next day delivery service before 9am Monday to Friday goods will be shipped the same day. All other items will be delivered in accordance with our standard delivery service. Please see our delivery conditions for further clarification.

2.  Can I nominate a specific date for delivery?

Yes! We want all our customers to have a delivery as convenient for them as possible. Unfortunately we can’t tell you a specific delivery time, but we can arrange for the delivery to be on a working day of your choice so you know exactly when to be ready.

3.  Will the driver carry this into my back garden?

The courier drivers are only contracted to deliver this to the front of your property so it’s advisable to arrange some help in advance if this is going to be a problem. From our own experience however, the drivers are just as friendly and helpful as us and providing you’re willing to help too, are usually kind enough to offer a hand where they can.

4.  What happens if the item is damaged on delivery?

On delivery, we ask all our customers to write next to their signature ‘contents unseen’ if they have not checked the item, or ‘box damaged’ should the packaging arrive with imperfections. It’s uncommon for any damage to items and please remember just because a box may be damaged, does not mean the item inside is. Please accept and sign accordingly as normal. If, in the unlikely event this happens, check the box contents and if anything is missing or damaged simply let us know by email or phone. We will happily send out a replacement part and 9 times out of 10, can get this to you by the following day.

5.  How many boxes do they come in?

The amount of boxes vary from the size trampoline you choose. Most will be between 2 and 4 boxes so it’s not a huge parcel to carry in when it arrives. If you need to know in advance the exact number, simply email or call us and we will happily confirm this for you.

6.  How long does it take to assemble?

We recommend allowing for every 2ft in size, 15 minutes to assemble. So an 8ft for example should take around 60 minutes to put together and a 14ft should take around 105 minutes. Please note that this is an average time so you may find it takes longer than this, or in many cases it may be quicker.

7.  How many people will I need to help assemble?

We recommend a minimum of 2 people when assembling the main frame, however there are various areas of assembly, such as attaching the springs, that one person can happily do alone. Our attitude is ‘the more the merrier’…… but 2 should be just fine!

8.  Does the trampoline need to be on a level surface or will it be ok on a slope?

The flatter the surface the better. A very small slope may be OK but anything greater will put more strain on the frame joints and the user would notice the slope in their bounce. We would recommend levelling the surface before assembly should this be the case.

9.  Can I put my trampoline on a tarmac, concrete surface or level patio?

We would be very cautious in advising this. The best surface for any trampoline is grass. This is for a number of reasons. The ground naturally molds around the frame- acting as a natural anchor and grip so it will not move beneath the user. When in use, the softer surface of grass will mean that there is very low impact to the frame, meaning the life span of the trampoline will be longer and the frame will not scratch like on harder surfaces.

Perhaps most importantly of all…… In the worst case scenario, if a child was to miss-judge their jump and fall off, what surface would you prefer they land on? Without even needing an answer, We know you all agree; grass will break their fall and protect them far more than any other outside surface. This doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to assemble and use them on the other surfaces, but if you have grass as an option, make sure it is your first choice.

10.  Do I need an anchor kit?

Anchor kits are great but like other accessories, they aren’t essential. If you live in a particularly blustery, windy or exposed area then it’d be advisable to invest in a set, but for other gardens and less windy areas, this is entirely your choice.

Our Buyer's Guide Choosing a Trampoline Use and Safety Why Buy From Us Delivery and Assembly Warranty and Caring For Your Trampoline