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Our Buyer's Guide Choosing a Trampoline Use and Safety Why Buy From Us Delivery and Assembly Warranty and Caring For Your Trampoline
To buy, or not to buy……

Here at Big Air, we want our customers to know exactly what they’re getting for their money and demonstrate the benefits of buying from us.

It is so important that all customers have full confidence with what they buy and that you know why you should be confident!

To help you along the way, we have written this easy buying guide so you can be 100% sure that your choice is the best possible one you can make- be it choosing between ranges, sizes, or even simply what accessories to go for.

Step 1. What are the difference in the ranges?

Big Air Extreme Bounce - Caution! These trampolines are not for the faint hearted. Loaded with more excitement than you can shake a stick at, Big Air Extreme Bounce trampolines know how to make you bounce like never before. Sturdy, durable and packed full of strength with its 1.5mm thick frame. Big Air Extreme Bounce trampolines have enhanced springs with greater resilience, this means they have a quicker recoil speed with less energy loss - resulting in more bounce! As well as this they will maintain elasticity and perform as new for longer. This allows confident users to go higher and will help you master optimum control; allowing users to achieve a bouncing experience like no other!

The Extreme Bounce trampolines have really set the bar for affordable, big bouncing and super reactive trampolines. Ideal for confident beginners and users who have mastered balance and are looking for something extra, or for a trampoline that's going to get serious adult usage and needs to be super durable. In short, if you’re looking for that ‘extra spice’ and want to get that ultimate bounce, Big Air Extreme Bounce will live up to its name!

Big Air Super Bounce - This range isn’t just for kids, it’s for the whole family! Parents, teenagers and children alike can enjoy the Big Air Universal experience. Suitable for large families, small families, young children and old, you really can’t go wrong choosing a Big Air Super Bounce as it’s perfect for everyone.

Made with a strong 1.5mm HOT galvanised steel frame, this range offers a fun filled bouncing bonanza for the whole family to use. . Designed to incorporate the strength to comfortably hold adults, but to not compromise on the spring reaction for the kids, all in all Big Air Super Bounce will meet almost everyone’s needs and you’ll be bouncing for hours.

Safe, solid and suitable, Big Air Super Bounce will not let you down.

Big Air Bounce - Is your trampoline going to be used mainly by children? If so then you really shouldnt be buying something in a higher spec, Big Air Bounce is the answer!

We know that it may be comforting to have a heavy duty, highly sprung piece of kit. However, this does not necessarily mean it’s going to be the most suitable for you and your needs.

Big Air Bounce trampolines are still perfectly safe for adults to use but the springs have been set up to cater for the lighter users. This means the little ones will still get peak performance, but the trampoline may perform a little under maximum bounce for larger adults.

Our design brief for this trampoline was to build a trampoline suitable for all to use, but to perform best for our lighter, littler customers. Whereby you can have full confidence that you and your children are safe, but also know you are not having to pay extra for specifications you don’t need.

Step 2. How to choose what size?

In most cases, the bigger the trampoline size, the better. This is because larger trampolines offer more jumping area- and therefore more landing area.

Firstly, choose the site where your trampoline will be going and measure the area (we would recommend doing this in feet and inches so it’s easy to work with the trampoline sizes). For safety, we recommend having at least a 2ft space around the trampoline.

If you have a large garden and size doesn’t matter, we would naturally suggest a larger trampoline for maximum fun and safety. The only exception to this may be if the children are really young- larger trampolines are taller so a safety enclosure would be advised so they can’t fall off from this greater height.

Step 3. Do you need an enclosure?

As a company that promotes the importance of safety our stance on enclosures is clear. An enclosure is a great way to not only offer you more peace of mind, but to ensure that should your children lose their balance or misjudge a jump, they are safe and don’t fall. We cannot state clearly enough how strongly we recommend the use of an enclosure.

We sell as separates a safe range of enclosures for all size trampolines from Big Air Junior 8fts all the way through to Big Air Extreme 14 ft. Our suspended safety net design offers extra protection over standard safety enclosures keeping the user away from the trampoline frame, greatly reducing the chance of injury. Our safety nets have always proven to be very popular with customers.

Step 4. Do you need a ladder?

Having a ladder has many benefits and few disadvantages but at Big Air, we know the importance of getting it right for your needs.

If you have small children, a ladder will definitely benefit them getting on and off. It will help prevent any unnecessary ‘dismounts’ children tend to try when one isn’t available and can also be used as something to signal when and if they are allowed to go on the trampoline- by taking away the trampoline access when not there.

As children get older and bigger, they will find it easier to climb on the trampoline themselves and get off unaided. With this in mind, a ladder can still be used to make this simpler but perhaps the best advantage to using a ladder is the reduction of wear and tear on the spring cover. The less a child pulls themselves up, the less worn the spring cover which they pull themselves up onto will be.

Step 5. Do you need a weather cover?

We would advise that if you intend to leave your trampoline out all year round, to invest in a weather cover if you can. They protect the bounce mat from direct contact with the elements, but also against everyday garden occurrences from fallen leaves in autumn, to bird droppings.

REMEMBER- If at any point you feel that you would prefer to discuss this with someone, or need a more specific question answered you are welcome to email or call us. No question is too small and we love to help.

Step 6. Placing the order

We accept all major credit and debit cards shown on our site’s bottom panel and are happy process payments over the phone by calling us, or online through our checkout procedure. If you have difficulty making payment these ways, we also accept cheques and postal orders. Please speak to a member of our team if you need further information.

Our Buyer's Guide Choosing a Trampoline Use and Safety Why Buy From Us Delivery and Assembly Warranty and Caring For Your Trampoline