FAQ - Caring for Your Trampoline

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Our Buyer's Guide Choosing a Trampoline Use and Safety Why Buy From Us Delivery and Assembly Warranty and Caring For Your Trampoline
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1.† How long is the warranty for?

We offer 12 months on all non frame parts. Although it is rare for any parts to fail within this period, from experience, the times it has happened has been through wear an tear from inappropriate use. (We do not feel that under these circumstances, it should be a warranty issue and our responsibility to replace without charge).

The frames on all our trampolines have a 5 year warranty. For full details, see terms and conditions located on the home page.

2.† What do I do if thereís a problem outside of my warranty?

We are fortunate enough to be able to hold a lot of stock. This does mean should you need a part replacing within warranty, we are able to send it quickly, but also out of warranty we will still happily supply the part to you for a very fair price. Simply contact us should you need anything replacing outside of warranty.

3.† Is my trampoline covered under warranty for general wear and tear?

No. General wear and tear is down to how the trampoline has been used. If it is used correctly, there should be very little wear at all. We will happily supply replacement parts at a fair price should replacements be needed due to wear and tear.

4.† How long should my trampoline last?

Your trampoline should last for as long as you continue to care for it. We may have 5 years warranty on the frame but this really is on the low side of the true life span it can have if cared for and used correctly. The polypropylene bounce mat has such a strong woven structure, providing used and cared for correctly (without shoes and within the maximum user weight), can easily outlast the frame.

5.† What happens if my trampoline breaks? Can I get replacement parts if they are needed?

If used correctly, your trampoline should not break at all. If there is however a manufacturing error we find on inspection, we will accept full responsibility of this and replace whatever part has been effected and broken.

6.† Do I need to put my trampoline away in Winter?

No. The frame is made of thick galvanised steel so is rust resistant even in the wettest weather. We offer a weather cover with our trampolines and providing this is used to cover the bounce and spring areas in Winter, there will be no deterioration in quality at all.

7.† How do I keep my trampoline in the best possible condition? Do I regularly need to maintain it?

Itís so easy to keep your trampoline in good condition. Simply follow the below steps:

  • Use within maximum weight limits
  • Bounce as centrally as possible
  • Take all shoes off before bouncing
  • Cover over in Winter (if you have a safety net, take this off first)
  • Donít use the spring cover as a place to perch when not jumping
  • Donít go on with any sharp objects or items of clothing that could catch
  • If it gets dirty, wipe clean with a warm damp cloth and soapy water
8.† Who do I contact once Iíve bought it if there are any problems?

If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, or need a problem resolved, call our main telephone number on 01384 482 792, or alternatively if you would prefer, email your query to

Any member of our team will be more than happy to help and will do all we can to make sure that you are thrilled with your purchase, happy with how this has been dealt with and satisfied with your overall experience with Big Air.

Our Buyer's Guide Choosing a Trampoline Use and Safety Why Buy From Us Delivery and Assembly Warranty and Caring For Your Trampoline